Welcome to Full Moon Island Resort


Full Moon Island is a network of three pristine tropical island which a combined land area of 47.12 hectares just off the coast of Cambodia. Once completed, all three islands will be connected by elevated walkways and the complex will be home to one of the regions most luxurious and contemporary health and eco resorts.

Full Moon Island Co., Ltd invites you to take part in this beautiful high-end resort and villas development project.

It is a cluster of 3 pristine islands situated in the gulf of Thailand considered some of the best in Cambodia by many including the lonely planet documentary team and recently shown on the National Geographic channel. Ideally located near Koh Sdach Island with the large community of fisherman, traders, villagers and which has served as the traditional route of trade between Cambodia and Thailand. The area is accessible by ferry service, road, speedboats from the major coastal city of Sihanoukville and the future international airport as well as seaplane.